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Hemp Technologies Global have partnered with Geo Products Corp to offer their recyclable plastic forms to make casting Hempcrete even easier than ripping plywood and bracing to make shutters.

Advantages of using GeoPanel:
Speed - each GeoPanel weighs just 11 kg and the system can be erected by a single person. The system uses fast-lock nylon handles that firmly join the forms with a simple 90 degree turn. GeoPanel does not need any releasing agents nor any special treatment while assembling or during casting of Hempcrete.

Setting Up - The outer side of the panels is ribbed to make posting and plumbing easier.

Storage - GeoPanel can be completely disassembled and does not need to be stored in a dry environment.

Modularity - All elements are a standard 2’ (60 cm) high and are are 8” (20 cm), 10” (25 cm), 12” (30 cm), 16” (40 cm) or 48” (120 cm) long, without any need for cutting to length.

Handling - GeoPanels can be easily disassembled and quickly handled within the construction site without having to use a crane thanks to its light weight and quick-release handles.

Multiple Use - GeoPanels are cost-effective as they require very little maintenance compared to traditional systems and they can be used up to 400 times when correctly washed and used properly.

Prices US$
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Q. How many of these GeoPanels do I need for casting Hempcrete into my walls and how much?

A. To cast 200 s.f. of Hempcrete - average working day - you will need this Geo Kit

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Order the Geo Hemp Kit here

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