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Daniel Ortega

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Hemp Art
Daniel Ortega


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Daniel Ortega is a retired veteran and local artist/sculptor in San Diego, California. He creates hand-sculpted bas-relief designs from sustainable mediums like HEMP byproduct dust and has made some amazing pieces, one of which has our company logo on it.

Daniel’s dried medium feels like tree bark and looks like carved stone. After sculpting and drying the artwork on a work bench, he masks the installed objects and paints the work with acrylics, or bio-degradable ”green seal” paints. Occasionally he leaves it unpainted to show the natural plant, spice tinted or colored earth medium, sealing it with an clear fixative. Enhancing his work with objects of minerals, dichroic glass, metal, glass globs, stones, etc. His “Earth Stone” is composed of byproduct hemp, coconut husk fiber, and bamboo.

Keepsake/reliquary vaults & frames are also available made with Earth Stone. Earth inspired artwork with NO CARBON FOOTPRINT and a statement about conserving our natural resources.

Contact Daniel direct about his beautiful earth friendly artwork. Text 602-473-5612 or E-Mail or visit his to see his I-Hemp artwork.