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Clayton Lauritzen

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Hemp Art
Clayton Lauritzen


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Clayton Lauritzen has been working at making large mushroom sculptures for the past four years. He has since included using luminescent paint that when exposed to light, glows all night (brilliant natural green and blue colors). Clayton has also started adding hemp to the mix so the final product is lighter and stronger. There are plastic products which do the same but are very hard on the environment. Clayton uses pipe that he bends for the stock and a secret mixture of Hemp/Lime for the caps. He thought it would be fun to see large super-sized mushrooms glowing in gardens and hopes others share the same passion for these large glowing creations.

Mushrooms come in three sizes (Tax included) with caps around 2-1/2 feet in diameter.
1 foot tall at US$130
2 feet tall at US$190
3 feet tall at US$250
4 feet tall at US$720 (jumbo size) (Freight is extra)

one, two and three feet tall and range in price His largest sculpture is about four and a half feet tall with caps around two and a half feet in diameter. We can expect to see more creations in the future from Clayton.

Contact Clayton direct about his beautiful “Shrooms” at +1 250 227 9689