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Laurica Farm

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Ian and Cathy Finley moved to Vancouver, Canada 6 years ago from England and have built their sustainable permaculture farm from scratch using around 70% reclaimed and salvaged materials and embracing green technologies.


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They grow everything from arugula to zucchini” AND raise animals – pigs, chickens, sheep and goats – all on their five acres. It’s all Organic but not “certified”, a somewhat contentious issue for discussion that still remains unclear – more on that another time 🙂

After a devastating house fire Ian, Cathy and family have begun building a new house of Hemp. We will help by running an onsite workshop mid January, 2018 to help them get Hempcrete installed in their new house – even if it is Winter in Canada !!



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Experience Laurica Farm
To visit the farm in Aldergrove, BC, please call Ian or Cathy at 604-719-3749






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