Hemp Mulch
insulating, durable, fully degradable

hemp mulch
Hemp mulch is primarily a surface application for:

· General home ornamental, pot plants, vegetable and bedding plantings
· Fruit trees and vines
· Container mulching (i.e. large shrubs)
· Compost “helper” and cover–allows effective separation of wet materials to discourage anaerobic conditions
· It also provides the added benefits as an erosion and weed mat control.

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Product features and attributes:

· Ease of handling and “softness” to the hands in its use
· Compressed material easy to tease-out and separate for use
· Material not prone to “caking” or creating impervious crust skin on surface
· Favourable to micro-organisms and biota such as earthworms
· Once wetted, fibres will progressively bind due to lignin and pectin content. This means the product is less prone to wind-blowing once laid
· Surface of mulch remains generally dry so is less receptive to weed growth or evaporative water loss and frost damage
· Superior insulating properties protecting the soil in hot summer or cold winter periods
· Durability of 4 to 9 months depending on thickness and situation
· Discourages snails and slugs due to its “terrain”
· Fully degradable and adds humus to soils
· pH neutral

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Hemp Mulch is a superior garden bedding. It functions like a mulch and looks like a bedding, giving the best of both worlds. It is easy to spread, natural and long lasting. Easy to dig through your garden and is 50% more absorbent then wood chips or shavings, meaning they degrade faster in your compost heap.

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