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Kevin McLeod loves Hemp for building

Typical Insulation Values

R-value (US) = RSI × 5.678263337
RSI (SI) = R-value × 0.1761101838

Construction costs may be reduced by:

  • Shallower foundations
  • Lower transport costs of materials to site
  • Lower finish costs
  • Discounted Insurance costs
  • Reduced mechanical (HVAC) requirements

Typical Hemp Hurd (Shiv) Composition

Cellulose: 44 - 55%
Hemicelluloses: 16 - 18%
Lignin: 4 - 28%
Extractive Substances: 4 - 18%
Other Substances: 6 - 7%

So what’s the price of Hempcrete in New Zealand?
prices to build with natural materials range from $2,000 - 3,000/sq. mtr depending on the bells 'n whistles you want to add-in.

And how difficult is it to get a building permit in New Zealand?
Functional Requirements of the Building Code are applicable all across the country. Any issues can be addressed by the Determinations department.

NOTE: as of 3rd September, 2015, we have been given the green light to build another solid wall Hemp home in New Zealand, Hip, Hip, Hooray !! and it may even be on Grand Design (NZ) :)

People wanting to build now with hemp/lime will get a submission package from us to help with permitting where ever you reside. Build your hemp home now before the kids leave home.

Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 3.26.59 pm
Hempcrete Tri-Fold (2.9mb)

Screen Shot 2013-12-27 at 11.20.43 am
DIY Hempcrete sample block kits available now $42 Order here
(New Zealand ONLY)

Legal Notes

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