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Hemp is NOW!

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Born in New Zealand, Greg Flavall graduated High School in Vancouver, Canada.

Greg pursued a career in building, learning all facets of construction, later moving to California where he partnered with a friend to start a General Contracting company.

2005 saw a change of direction for Greg when he learned about the many benefits of Industrial Hemp and it's applications, particularly in regard to construction, to reduce the CO2 emitted from mineral based building products and to increase indoor air quality.

In 2008 Greg co-founded Hemp Technologies (USA) Inc. in Asheville, NC, to build healthy, energy saving homes with Hemp+Lime.

Greg is a qualified Chef, plays Scottish BagPipes and enjoys golf, tennis, fishing. and family time.

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Robert Eady, 63, B.Sc (chemistry) from Auckland University worked initially as a works chemist in the fertiliser industry before leaving NZ in 1977 to travel abroad and work in the oil and gas industry as a drilling fluids engineer.

Rob’s interests are mainly alternative, including a long-standing interest in hemp and the planet. Rob has designed and patented a revolutionary solids separation machine that will soon be built partly with Hemp, like Henry Ford's car. This "MUDWIZ" will be a game changer for the energy sector and could very well become mandated to reduce the environmental impact of drilling.

Mr. Barry Sandford, Esq. from Melbourne, Australia has 35+ years hands-on experience of sales and marketing of building materials and has helped numerous people design and complete their remodels, renovations and new build projects as well as hire and train staff in the building industry.

Barry is a mentor and all-round very cool dude, regularly sending our team encouraging words of wisdom. God Bless you Barry.