Hemp Animal Bedding and Litter
100% natural, long lasting, highly absorbent, bio-degradable

Hemp Bedding and Litter is perfect for:

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the Hemp plant renews itself annually and when disposed of composts 2x faster than other bedding materials


Industrial Hemp Animal Bedding is produced from the soft core of the hemp plant stem and is the most absorbent bedding material on the market. This unique product features superior qualities to other bedding currently available such as wood or straw and is also free from the aromatic hydrocarbons (harmful phenols) found in pine and cedar shavings.

Super Absorbent
Hemp bedding absorb 6x its own weight! It rapidly absorbs urine to keep your animals dry and comfortable.

More effective than wood shavings or straw. You’ll save money by not mucking out so often. Many horse owners who have switched to hemp bedding have reported saving up to 1/3 the cost of regular bedding.

Low Dust and Low Palatability
Critical to limiting respiratory and other health risks to animals and they’re not tempted to eat the hemp either.

Chemical free
The material is not bleached and no chemicals have been added at any stage of the process from the farm to stall. Hemp requires no pesticides or herbicides when grown which prevent chemical residues being transferred to any animals.

Odour control
The loose, open pore structure of hemp helps ventilate, reducing unpleasant smells caused by rotting and fermenting bedding. Moisture is passed through while the smells stay in the capillaries of the bedding material.

The unique thermal structure of hemp makes bedding warmer in Winter and cooler in Summer

Within 8 weeks the hemp bedding will have completely biodegraded into highly fertile, organic fertiliser - ideal for garden compost. This reduces the size of muck pile and the related disposal costs!

For boxes measuring 10’ x 10’ a depth of 6-8” is achieved using 8 of our 15kg bags. Remove the manure daily by simply digging out the affected spots. Add 1 bag week. If the stall is cleaned out every 3 months it will take approx. 120 bags (4 pallets) for 1 horse per year, assuming the horse is stabled all year.

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