Loss Circulation Materials
safe, organic and aerobic bio-remediation

Industrial Hemp used for loss circulation materials (LCM) is a fast acting, safe, organic and aerobic natural absorbent that soaks up more than 6 x its own weight and still floats!

100% Natural
Made from an annual, renewable resource Bio Sorb is 100% biodegradable.

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Super Absorbent
Bio Sorb can hold up to 6 x its own weight aerobically.

No adverse effects on the environment, plants, animals and humans.

Convert contaminants into harmless by-products such as water and carbon dioxide (CO2).

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Low Leaching Rate
Bio Sorb locks in liquid even after saturation, as low as .0167%

Will float on water long after saturation.

Landfills can accept Hemp for disposal. Incineration yields <2% ash with high BTU rating @ 7910 BTU.

15kg compressed bales, 30 per pallet