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ROUND hemp homes

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The Mifran model provides sustainable solutions for Indigenous and non-indigenous projects across Canada, the United States and South America, as well as overseas countries that are in need of rebuilding or upgrading rural communities.




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Heavy duty engineered wood post-beam frame
Continuous load transfer from roof to foundations
CSA 086 12 Limit States design
Exceeds NBCC 2005 2010 /IBC minimum code requirements
High Wind and snow resistance
High seismic resistance
Optional above ground floor for flood prone regions

Health and Comfort
Termite resistant
Mold resistant
Quiet – well balanced acoustic levels
Water resistant
Flame resistant
Naturally hygroscopic, breathable walls
Passively regulates humidity

90% natural materials
Low carbon footprint
High carbon sequestration
Bio-degradable materials at end-of-life cycle

Costs to build vary by country, region, climate and building codes. Therefore any prices shown here are indicative only and must be calculated in accordance with local building costs and prices. Hemp Technologies accepts no liability for materials purchased from other suppliers.

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