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Advisory Service
helping people grow, process and supply hemp

Working with our partners we provide advisory services for Industrial Hemp farming, processing and supply of raw materials to finished products, including building with hemp/lime.

Our Experts:

Anndrea Hermann – Agriculture

Greg Flavall – Building

Joy Beckerman – Legal

Michael Butcher – Design & Engineering

Robert Eady – EMF Protection

Stephen Clarke – Renewable Energy Systems

Agronomic Advisory Capabilities

Hemp Technologies Collective provides services from multiple partners and offers a number of professional advisory services regarding the Cannabis plant and the overall hemp industry aspects.

  • Identifying Cannabis species to suit your production region and commercial end use
  • Agronomic research, crop trialling, plant breeding and plant science
  • Seed supply and seed registration of various temperate and sub-tropical cultivars
  • Import and Export requirements for seed and other products
  • Crop production and management – field systems
  • Harvesting technologies for both fibre and seed crops
  • Product handling, cleaning, separation and value adding
  • Turn-key mill design, production installation
  • Product and stock control flow charts, production systems and financing
  • Forward market opportunities – contracting systems
  • New market opportunities and new product potentials
  • Material science and alternate uses
  • Regulation and Government frameworks, relevant legal requirements
  • Budgets, financial models and projections
  • Master plan implementation and industry development
  • International research and collaboration with similar focus institutions
  • Industry templates, compliance, contracting templates
  • Product standards and MSDS templates
  • Food processing
  • Global networking

Building Services

  • Conceptual Design
  • Architectural
  • Structural Engineering
  • Groundworks
  • Foundations
  • Framing
  • Hemp/Lime Installation
  • Binders and renders
  • Mixing ratios
  • Finishes


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Please note – all services must be paid in advance

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